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Hi dear souls💖🌸💫

So I spent quite some time in my life as a vegan or vegetarian. I also tried raw vegan. I really tried to make these work. I was very influenced by other people and social media. Yet my intuition kept telling me to be an omnivore. And eventually I listened to my intuition and did just that. This feels best for me on many levels. Being very grateful for animal protein helps.

If I was guiding someone around nutrition who was coming off meds I would encourage them to listen to their bodies, their intuition and what feels best for them. I would encourage them not to push themselves or be overly influenced by others but to eat in a way that feels most peaceful and joyful and energising for them. Sometimes we need to try a few ways of eating before we find our way and that’s ok too. Life does not need to be perfect to be wonderful!

Big blessings 🦋🐬🧚🏻‍♀️



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