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Accepting weight gain while withdrawing

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hi everyone ☺️

I gained 20kgs while taking clozapine. I spent the last year counting calories and eating a low calorie diet to try to manage my weight. This lowered my energy, my mood and my concentration. 

Then I began preparing myself for coming off meds and I realised that during withdrawal I would need energy to manage changes in thoughts, emotions and experiences. So I stopped counting calories and eating low calories and began to listen to and nourish my body with adequate energy. This made the world of difference. 

So I needed to accept my body as it is even if my weight is higher than it has been in my life. I trust as I come off meds it will return to my normal weight. I remind myself to be patient.

If I was supporting someone coming off meds who was dealing with weight gain caused by psych meds I would encourage them to eat a wide range of nutritious foods and to not diet, to give them enough energy to manage the withdrawal process. And I would encourage them to practice unconditional self love and body acceptance.

Peace to you💫💫💫


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