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Avoiding Akathisia....tapering from anti-psychotics

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Seroquel is a strong anti-psychotic that isn't easily withdrawn from from my experience. I got severe akathisia from all the other drug choices, so seroquel was my only option.  600mg of seroquel was the dose usually given upon arriving to the hospital. Carbs were craved on seroquel, it felt compulsive to eat carbs. The constipation was also terrible that I used coffee to move my bowels. I now wish I had known about inulin or other natural ways to move the bowel. 

I am now on Clozaril as the only other drug that doesn't cause akathisia, but is usually regarded as a last resort due to the fatal white blood cell problems that can occur. I am withdrawing 4% every 3 weeks now to try to get off the drug. 

There are so many food paths to go down, it can be confusing. About 5 years ago I got into Dr. Wilson's ideas for what to eat. It involved cutting my hair close to  the scalp to get a scientific reading of what was going on in my body called "hair analysis".

His website has some controversial ideas, but also has some good points about how and what to eat.

I hope I can keep blogging about issues and learn from you also. 


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This is a great start for a blog. You can post it as a blog on this site by going to add new post on the dashboard.


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