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Quitting lamictal after 10 years

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Hi, I’m 24 and have been on Lamictal for 10 years. In the last three years I’ve went through several drops from 400mg to 200mg to 100mg and finally down to 25mg. 

I have about 6 weeks of nothing to do (summer from classes and unemployed from coronavirus), and plan on finally dropping off the last bit. Any advice for someone who’s been on it for this long?

I’ve been sober now for about two years, and my bipolar symptoms have sort of disappeared. Not completely, but I am much much more level than I used to be. No alcohol has massively helped. 

I also changed my diet to meat and vegetables, this has had a major impact as well.


Any further advice for life after lamictal is appreciated!

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Hi. Good luck! Getting off Lamictal can be hard but you are almost there it sounds like! I'd recommend tulsi and oatstraw for herbal infusions or tinctures and a good protein powder without any additives, taken a few times a day or whenever needed if you have withdrawal symptoms.

Please keep us posted here, if you have a chance. 


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