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Dealing with my own personality and configuration as a human being has always been more about what to do with other people's energy. I have always been like a sponge soaking up every feeling that comes from other people and living creatures. It probably sounds extreme and weird but that's me. For the most part I usually welcome  the rough and angry emotions from others and seem to enjoy feeling it and letting it work through myself, even make me sick, but afterwords have no bad affect. This kind of emotional sewer is surprisingly what make me tick. Because I'm practiced from a young age to have a misunderstood idea of social boundaries there seems to be nearly zero fear of strong emotions good or bad. It's recently that I've realized that this way of taking in the world deals with energy. What is the energy around us? We deal with getting excited about our new car or latest and best cell phone which brings up happy feelings for while but what about real energy from people? Are we usually even connected to ourselves so that we can actually feel. We have enough diversions available that sometimes help when we need comforted like food, movies, acetiomenophn ect. When do we actually experience real raw energy and feel in a 360 spectrum? Back when I felt my worst in my 20s I was what is described as depressed I decided that was my feeling, mine as bad as it was and I wanted to feel it for all it was. It was my feeling, not to be erased or masked.

Our collective culture is about getting things and the alterior motive a lot of the time is the goal of the things. I need money and have always worked my ass off to simply stay above water. I need things to servive like everyone else and the things I need seem to be more intricate as I get older. How much energy does it take to listen to someone else's tragedy vs persuing  beyond what we think we need? If I pass off and say oh that's unfortunate without feeling and allowing their pain to penetrate, what can I expect when it happens to me? Is that energy I have room for? Or is my agenda and plate to full to take it on?

The energy that surrounds us can sink us or if we know how to manage it and recognizing it can keep us afloat. We don't solely live in a physical and biological world as science would claim. Science in my view is good because there is links between the physical and the energy around us. It's just that it's a lopsided view to only study what we can see or have an equation for. Without accounting for the human spirit in my view science is very limited as far as new discoveries in our world and..out there. 

If we individually decided to examine our lives and become aware of our natural skills to cope with all the energy around us we would be able to simply reject what certain groups think about what's best for us. Even the statement " It's best for Mr. / Mrs.x_________ right now to be on these medications is false when there are so many other ways to become well. 360 understanding and 360 positive energy goes a long way. I can say that because I've had groups of people in my life at times that have brought me through. Of course along with the incorrect commonwcommon and subsequent chemical correction of what is unflatteringly called a chemical imbalance. Bearing with this take on my mood problem I took the bitter pills for 35 plus years until some other health issues resolved gave me leverage to make the decision to stop this uncaring drug approach. I developed the ability to make my own decision about what the energy around me consisted of.


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