Common Disorders Psychiatrists May Have

Over the past 30 years, an epidemic of new disorders has been on the rise in psychiatrists. Some have only recently been discovered and fully understood. Remember, psychiatrists need our love and compassionate understanding to heal from these.

Compulsive Labeling Disorder (CLD): This is a common one that requires early intervention. If a psychiatrist does well on her/his exams in school, initial treatments of extra love may be indicated. Symptoms include finding a DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) category for the majority of persons who enter his/her office, looking up DSM categories while a patient is talking, inability to concentrate on things other than diagnostic categories, boiling a person’s life-concerns down to a label, thinking about most life experiences of others in terms of a disorder.

More education in multicultural history and spirituality are indicated as well as extra love and heart opening. Many psychiatrists with this disorder do not understand themselves very well but spiritual growth is sure to improve symptoms over time.

Obsessive Pill Pushing Disorder (OPPD):  This shows up frequently and is characterized by suggesting psychiatric drugs to most patients before considering other options. It’s a very serious disorder and many psychiatrists don’t realize how serious their condition is. Many with this illness suffer from self-hatred so it is important to give them love, while protecting yourself from their dangerous behavior.

It’s very easy to spot and the best antidote is abstinence. If the psychiatrist can go a month without prescribing pills, usually they will be able to find more effective and harm-free solutions. If not, it would be best to stop practicing psychiatry until the desire to engage in this behavior has entirely ceased. Heal the psychiatrist with love.

Fickle Trial and Error Disorder (FTED):  This is seen when a patient is tried out on numerous different drugs one after another, or simultaneously. The psychiatrists will often get heady and forget about the humanity of the patients when getting caught up in this behavior. It is necessary to take away prescription pad and protect patients from this illness, reminding them that their psychiatrist has a flawed mind and needs love to heal.

Poly-pharmacy Mania (PPM): Doctor gives patient numerous drugs at once, often for the same label or condition. In cases becoming more common, doctors have been known to give 13 or more drugs at once! This is one of the most dangerous of all disorders and prescription pad must be confiscated immediately and permanently.

If doctor does not comply, the only answer is to have them take every single drug they’ve prescribed. After a few days of this, they will not argue and can be tapered off and treated with love.

Love Lacking Disorder (LLD):  This occurs when the psychiatrist forgets to treat patients with love, believing that pills and other techniques are more powerful. The Psychiatrist will always be always deprived of love him/herself and self-love intensives can be helpful.

Inability to Recognize Side Effects Syndrome (IRSES): It is common for Doctors with this illness to forget that drugs have unwelcome effects and to attribute these harmful effects to the original label they gave their client. This creates a lot of confusion for patients. Studying DSM exacerbates this condition. This syndrome can be healed with the same antidote as that for PPM.

Money Clouding Eyes Disorder (MCED):  Symptoms include accepting money from pharmaceutical companies. Minor symptoms include lack of compassion and seeing interactions as transactions only.

Can also show up in the form of a sort of mania, squeezing in as many clients as possible into a day, giving them each less time. Another majors sign is the impulsive acceptance of vacations, cruises and other escapes from pharmaceutical companies without checking in with their conscience.

Can deteriorate into complete loss of conscience if not treated early. Early intervention is necessary. Persons with this disorder should be disallowed from medical school. New screening methods are being developed to prevent this  very serious mental illness.

Love is the answer!

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