Blogging Class For The Silenced

Are you a writer who wants to get your thoughts out to a wider audience but is terrified or otherwise blocked? Would you like tips on how to start a blog, opportunities to guest blog and proven methods for getting your message out to the masses?


One of the biggest problems I see in the world is the silencing of personal truth and authentic, powerful voices.

Much of this silencing has been internalized to the extent that people go around disconnected from their voice and truth MOST OF THE TIME.

My goal is to help you learn what you need to know about blogging so you can get your voice heard by thousands within just a few short months, or even weeks, if you’re ready. One of my recent blogs was read by over 1300 people the first day after I posted it. It then went on to be shared on Facebook about 900 times.


I believe the world needs to hear every single silenced voice, and their story in their own words.

I don’t think anyone is off the hook from the responsibility to express, share and participate in rewriting the story of the world.

I believe if everyone of us stood up and shared our true views, experiences and perspectives, we could eradicate all misery by the end of 2015.

This isn’t just theory-I’ve seen it work in my life and the lives of many others who dare to share. Still it isn’t always an easy path (but what is?). Blogging can be overwhelming and scary.

Feedback is usually positive, but can also be negative. The technical aspect can be fast and easy, or a single glitch can leave you frustrated and unable to move forward.

I believe technology often responds to us, and once we move through our fears, technology often cooperates to enhance our message.

How do you move through fears? You just do it. You blog before you’re ready to, before anyone invites you to, with whatever technology you know how to use NOW.

Still having a community of bloggers and readers makes a huge difference in motivation. That’s what I’d like to provide you, as well as a whole bunch of tips for getting yourself out there. Alpha Lo, author of the Open Collaboration Encyclopedia, will be joining us to teach a few tidbits on marketing your blogs. He’s an expert on collaboration and gift circles.

In this hour long class, I will reserve at least a half hour for questions.

The class will be Wednesday April 1st at 3pm PST/7pm EST.  People are welcome to call in from all over the world on a free line, which I will send you upon registration, so please look up the time in your time zone. To preregister, please send $10 to my Pay Pal account using my email address (send to a friend) which is my full name with no spaces, dots or dashes at yahoo dot com. If yo are unable to use PayPal, please let me know your preferred method.

Please preregister by March 27th to reserve your spot. After March 27 the price is $25 (still a great deal for all of the information and connections you will receive!)

This will change the trajectory of your life forever, so come prepared to be shifted!

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    • I’m interested but already had this Wednesday accounted for. Will there be more opportunities?

      • I am planning to host a series for bloggers who want a committed community to work with over 6 months. But if there is enough interest I can also offer this class again. If you sign up you will also have access to the recording even if you can’t make it. Thanks Michele.

    • Hi Julie,
      Sorry I missed this. Please follow instructions in the post if you’d like to register. Early bird registration is closed and we have a packed class but if you really want to be there, we would love to have you so please register by following the directions above. Thank you!

  1. Perfect! This class sounds so good and I know you have gifts for bringing peoples’ voices out, as you’ve helped me. Happy to see you offering this to more people, I so agree about everyone’s voices being needed… 🙂

    • Thanks Ben! And congrats on your blog, which was shared on Facebook over 100 times now. Can’t wait to read more from you.

  2. I’ve realised that my voice is not coming through as it ought to. Thank you for the insightful post. I feel that I have so much more to say.

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