5 Tips to Stop Yourself From Reading Too Much Advice or Too Many Tips

1. Stop reading this article right now. Close your computer/phone/tablet and a) sweep your room b) write a page in your journal c) organize your fridge d) throw away 10% of what’s in your sock drawer e) look at the sky.

2. Assuming you did something and came back, talk to yourself out loud. Again, close your electronic device and talk outside to yourself and/or the Universe/God/your angels/a dead relative/the fly on your wall, even your car or bicycle while commuting. Speaking gets things out of your head. You can chit chat-doesn’t need to be “smart,” meaningful or important, it’s like vocal journaling or prayer.

3. Sing/put on music, then either dance or clean/organize things.

4. Look around. Again, turn off all internet devices, like the one you’re using to read this, and look around yourself at colors, shapes, design. Move things around if you want. Take photos if you must. Take a deep breath, make that 3, or 5.

5. Go outside, even for a minute or two. Bring out the garbage, respond to a text message on the porch, make a phone call, walk to the nearest park, cloud watch, bird watch, whatever it takes to get yourself outside, just go.

See?  You don’t need any tips or lists of advice after all. Just live your life and turn off your screens from time to time. Your future will thank you. Tip lists will thank you.  They were written for a reason right?


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