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Music to the heart

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Hello Folks,

My name is Matthew and I have been very moved reading the posts. I am reflecting on the courage it takes to deal with the mental and physical unpleasantness associated with psychiatric drug withdrawal. For anyone, myself included, who would like to be a beacon of support to anyone who is experiencing this process or even considering it, I believe it is so very important to have discernment. This is implicit in what you have conveyed so far Chaya. It is so important and something that I often forget. If we think of human beings as musical instruments, and maintaining health (in nutrition, for instance) a bit like the tuning process, it seems to me that coming off of medication can be like tuning for a more complex musical composition. Sometimes, it must be tuned for comfort; at times for vitamin intake, at times for stability, at times for exploration/creativity, and at times for strength. It's as complex a process as...well, as humans are humans. I can not say enough of how encouraged I am by what you folks have written of your experience; of your willingness to do despite the challenge. I feel that I have a great deal to learn from all of you.

The nutritional ideas in your posts and in the course are sound and I don't need to confuse them. I will say that I am great lover of frozen peas and I can offer a homespun recipe of my own:

A different type of peas pudding

1 - 400gr package of frozen peas

1 - lemon juiced

1/6 cup olive oil (roughly)

sea salt to taste

(or skip the oil and sea salt and do olives to taste)


Warm the peas in hot water. Drain and add to a blender with the other ingredients. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Rachael and Chaya reacted
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Thanks Matthew! This is great. I also upgraded you so you can post your blog now.

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Hi Matthew, 

Your blog is up here:

Great job!


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