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Week 4 off of risperidone

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  • My husband has been off of risperidone for a month now I want to share a little bit about our experience so far: 
  • the first week off he was fine, no withdrawal symptoms 
  • the second week: withdrawal symptoms started- he had insomnia, delusions, depression, suicidal thoughts, obsession with having diabetes, lossed 20 lbs and quit his job. 
    week 3: the withdrawal symptoms continued but got to a point where I could talk to him about his delusions and help him realize they weren’t true. The end of week 3 we started to turn the curb and he a lot of the symptoms ceased, he’d wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time going back to sleep because of negative thoughts here and there.
  • week 4: he’s 10 times better. He has some negative thoughts, really regrets but he’s no longer having delusional thinking, he’s sleeping through the night, he’s gained all his weight back, he works out daily, looking for a job, able to combat negative thinking. Hopefully things continue going good. 

    hes replaced medications with supplements: ashawagandha for cognitive improvement and relieving stress, taurine for stress relief and reducing delusional thinking, magnesium for nerve health, vitamin k and d, fish oil for improving mental health and at night most times he’s taking GABA to sleep. 

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My daughter is on 2 ml, we tapered her off to 1 on May 24th but as of today June 9th the anxiety is sooo extreme as well as insomnia she is requesting to be put back on to 2. May I ask how long was your husband on Risperidone?  My daughter was put on it due to CIP, Cannabis Induced Psychosis, She's been on as high as 4, and now has been on 2 for a little over a year. 

The weight gain has been crazy and the drop in energy, she was put on it at 18, and now at 24 wants off for good, we believe that she most likely doesn't have CIP anymore but dealing with the withdrawal symptoms easily make her feel as if she's still suffering from CIP. 

Should I give up hope of ever successfully getting my daughter off this drug? I'm seriously in need of some guidance and words of comfort that I can offer her, any advice is so welcome.




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