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How to Become an English Major

“Do you really expect to be the next New York Times best seller?”

In short, no I don’t expect this, but I mean come on, that would be pretty cool right?! When I made the decision to pursue this path my senior year of high school, I got so many discouraging comments like this one. Even some coming from my own doctor (who I go to in order to cope with my anxiety!). Ultimately, you have to decide not to let comments like this get you down. This is where your passion and love of writing will be tested the most. Comments like this one, to me hurt the most, because the person saying them truly doesn’t believe in your hard work and drive for success. But, my friends, you have to establish where your definition of success lies.

As a perfectionist, I started out with a VERY high standard of success for myself. I’m talking, if I’m not studied in high school literature classes in the future then I haven’t been successful, type of standards. While having standards like this did drive me to work that much harder and strive for perfection, they ended up really taking a toll on my self-esteem and self-conscious. While in college, I learned to set reachable standards and goals for myself. Every time I needed help with homework I reached a new goal my crushed self-esteem began to build itself back up again. I am here warning you not to make the same mistake I did. Don’t do that to yourselves, you all deserve so much better!
Measure your success in a way that flaunts your accomplishments, not in a way that points out what you haven’t done yet. Point out the goals that you have reached above the goals you haven’t made yet. If your goal is to get two reads on a story you’ve posted. Then, as soon as that second read appears, you celebrate! That is a success! If you keep doing this, then who knows, we might just see your name on a New York Times best sellers’ list after all!

English can be more than just composition and literature

The thing that has helped me the most through all of these set-backs and discouraging moments is having a really good support system. My mom warmed up to the idea of me pursuing an English degree fairly quickly, when I proved to her that it genuinely is the only thing that I can see myself doing in the future. She has been my biggest supporter since day one. I have friends who I’ve added to my support system along the journey as well, and I owe a lot of my persistence to them.

My best advice to you all is to find a grounding support system and allow them to help you along this long and tedious path. Whatever path you take, be it English, engineering, medical, or anything in between, none of you should have to walk the path alone. If your support system only consists of one or two internet friends, then I promise that is just as solid as any other group of supporters.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the very best on the road to your own successes! I hope these tips helped you all, or at the very least entertained you. Thank you for reading!
Best wishes and happy writing!

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