Coming Off Psych Drugs Workshop Filmed

October 10, 2013
74 Federal Street, Greenfield

Join national trainer, Chaya Grossberg (featured in Daniel Mackler’s recent film, ‘Coming Off Psych Drugs,’) for an exploratory workshop on coming off of psychiatric medications. This workshop is open to anyone who is in the process of withdrawing, who is thinking about reducing or withdrawing, or has gone through withdrawal in the past as well as others who may be in supporting roles.PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be filmed and the footage may be used in one or more upcoming films about psychiatric medications or related topics.Free.  Space is limited.  Please register with Western Mass RLC by emailing

Chaya does not provide medical advice but rather poetry as medicine.

Teleclass and support group on alternatives to psychiatric drugs and coming off psychiatric drugs!

July 22, 2013
12pm PST/3pm EST

Focus: Using writing and publishing to generate the power to be psych-drug free.

Writing has been one of the primary tools that has allowed me to live without any medications or substance addictions and have my own business.  Come learn my secrets!

After this class you will know how to develop a regular writing practice, overcome your fears of sharing your writing, and discover easy options for publishing.  It is specifically gears to those who have been told they need psychiatric drugs.  I’ll cover how to overcome fears of writing, and how writing has helped many people I’ve worked with over the years to break free of psychiatric drugs.  Please join us!

This class is friendly to European and other time zones and we will have free call in numbers around the world.  Appropriate for those coming off psych drugs, planning to come off soon or someday and those opting to not go on in the first place. There is no pressure and everyone goes at their own pace.

12pm PST/3pm EST
First hour is class, second hour is optional support group and discussion for those who choose to stay on.

$17 if you register before July 15th, $21 thereafter to register

From a participant in another teleclass:

Good morning!!
I want to take this moment to thank you again. I stayed on the phone for a very long time and had an excellent chat with S and B (I believe that is his name….He has an Hawaii phone number).
I really enjoyed hearing both Laura’s story and your story…

Are we going to do another phone session like the last one? I think it would be great to do these on a regular basis as, for me, the phone is very effective as a way to communicate. I don’t feel as introverted when I am not in a “face to face” situation….Sometimes that can really overwhelm me.
Chaya, please keep me posted as to future things you plan, etc.
Thanks again,